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Pokémon Legends Arceus Video games We Need to See Subsequent

The Pokémon Firm lastly noticed the stale nature of the Pokémon collection and launched a revamp to the collection with Pokémon Legends Arceus at the beginning of 2022. A lot of the earlier formulation was thrown away, from fitness center leaders to a standard evil group, the way you catch Pokémon, and even the protagonist themselves.

Picture Credit score: Nintendo

Pokemon Legends Arceus was the recent entry the collection sorely wanted, displaying that mainline video games may very well be a prequel whereas doing one thing new concurrently. The wealthy historical past of the Hisui area breathed new life into what we find out about Pokémon, displaying off historical regional varieties, completely new Pokémon, and extra.

Picture Credit score: Nintendo

The hope for a lot of followers is that this new sub-series doesn’t finish with Pokemon Legends Arceus. Many want to see different areas, corresponding to Sinnoh, of their olden days and what kinds of long-forgotten Pokemon as soon as roamed the lands. Whereas a Pokemon Legends Arceus-style recreation could be good for each area, listed below are 4 which are essentially the most thrilling and likewise take advantage of sense.

Pokémon Legends Mew: Technology 1 Kanto Prequel

Beginning with the origins of the Pokémon collection, there’s Gen 1. Pokemon Purple, Blue, Inexperienced, and Yellow, relying on the area you’re in, have been the beginnings of this beloved JRPG monster-catching collection. It’s actually shocking that Sport Freak didn’t kick off Pokemon Legends with a recreation set within the Kanto area.

Since that’s the case, the Gen 1 video games are nonetheless ripe for a Pokemon Legends Mew state of affairs. As the one legendary Pokémon within the area, it is smart to heart it across the literal origin of all Pokémon, Mew. Gamers may embark on a journey to be the primary individual in Kanto to find Mew and its limitless energy.

Within the course of, you may see small Edo-style villages that may later grow to be the key cities of Saffron, Celadon, and extra. As a part of this, there are a number of new Pokémon that you may discover, too.

Historic Kantonian variations of Eevee could be insane, letting us see Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon in a complete new mild. Maybe there may even be a model new Eevelution within the course of. When it comes to model new evolutions for older Gen 1 Pokémon, it will be intriguing to see an historical type of Meltan and Melmetal, two Pokémon who debuted within the Let’s Go! video games.

Pokémon Legends Celebi: Gen 2 Johto Prequel

Johto and Sinnoh go hand-in-hand, so it seems like Pokemon Legends Celebi is the pure sequel to come back after Legends Arceus. This prequel may very well be fascinating as a result of there’s a number of lore surrounding the 2 towers of Ho-Oh and Lugia within the Gen 2 video games.

Gamers may see the origins of these towers and maybe even the disasters that befell them up to now of the Johto area. This, in flip, may reveal the identities of the three legendary beasts and the way they regarded earlier than their present varieties in Suicune, Raikou, and Entei.

Taking cues from Legends Arceus, there are Pokémon from different generations that might seem to have historical regional varieties right here. A number of the Pokémon that make a number of sense could be to point out some like to Kanto Pokemon, like maybe Lapras, which feels ripe for a regional kind today.

It may additionally make sense to present an historical Johto kind to a Pokémon like Gardevoir, maybe with a extra kimono-style kind, and even function Greninja as a starter right here in a brand new regional model. To not point out that these Legends video games normally contain time journey, and Celebi is the time journey Pokémon, in spite of everything.

Pokémon Legends Hoopa: Gen 6 Kalos Prequel

Hoopa is perhaps a wierd choose for the featured Gen 6 Pokémon Legends legendary, but it surely confirmed up to now that it has management of different dimensions. On this manner, it makes a number of sense for Hoopa to drag within the protagonist from the current day and thrust them into the far previous of the Kalos area.

That is by far essentially the most lore-heavy potential sequel to Legends Arceus as a Pokémon Legends Hoopa recreation may lastly present the nice Kalos battle from the previous. Referenced time and again within the X & Y titles, gamers may firsthand see the occasions of AZ and the destruction of a lot of the Pokemon world.

In addition to being essentially the most story-heavy prequel recreation on this checklist, Pokémon Legends Hoopa may function its personal set of intriguing historical starters. Charmander, Sobble, and Snivy could be smart picks to see how these historical reptile-like Pokemon would seem again within the day.

In addition to starters, a few of the different regional varieties that gamers may see may embrace Pokémon like Gen 8’s Alcremie, which might make a number of sense within the France-focused Kalos area. There may even be a brand new historical addition or two to the Regi Pokémon.

Pokémon Legends Necrozma: Gen 7 Alola Prequel

Probably the most mysterious chance for a follow-up recreation must be Pokemon Legends Necrozma. Whereas different video games on this checklist centered on legendary Pokémon, Necrozma is, after all, the third legendary from the Gen 7 Solar & Moon video games. Necrozma makes essentially the most sense as a Pokemon that comes from Extremely Area.

This opens the door for infinite potentialities of exploring Alola and past in a Pokemon Legends Necrozma recreation. Ideally, this might be break up between the traditional Hawaii-inspired area and a full-on exploration of Extremely Area in a manner that Extremely Solar & Moon solely briefly touched the floor of.

With area as an unlimited theme, there are many Pokémon that this Gen 7 prequel may function. For one, this might be a wonderful alternative to point out extra Extremely Beasts and maybe even the opposite two starters that come from Poipole’s world.

Area Pokémon like Clefairy, Deoxys, and Staryu may obtain the Extremely Wormhole regional varieties that present their unique homeworld variations. All of the whereas, a storyline may contain the origins of the Tapu Pokémon and the way spacefaring Cosmog turned Solgaleo and Lunala within the first place.

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